Teaser Esplendor
Director, DOP and editor.
Commissioned by Factoria Escènica International

WayraUK & Telefonica Open Future at MWW 2016
Director, DOP and editor.
Commissioned by WayraUK.

Live drawing by Jorge Martin - Paris Climate Submit 2015

Teaser 'Només són dones'

Videographic material for the online and TV promotion of the theatre spectacle 'Només Són Dones', directed by Carme Portaceli with Miriam Iscla, Sòl Picó and Maika Makovsky.

PayPal Here Product Demo

Product demo for PayPal. Produced by Newspaper, London 2013.

A Curriculum that Counts

Commissioned by the ATL, we produced a series of in-depth video case studies from schools that have taken an innovative approach to curriculum change. Please visit the site to see more videos:


Suitcase Startup

We were commissioned to make a mini documentary online series following during 4 months first-time entrepreneur Chris Bradley to see what it truly takes to get a business off the ground, from marketing on a tight budget to building a team, raising finance and launching. Suitcase Startup is the story of the entrepreneur's journey.

Here you can see Episode 02:

Blue Water Project

The Woodland Trust commissioned us to produce two short video pieces dealing with the impact of trees on water management in Cumbria. These films highlight the importance of trees to slow down water during flood events, prevent soil loss, erosion and sedimentation that affects both farmers and ecosystems.

Living waters: Trees for healthy rivers

Holding ground: Trees, water and farming