Iquitos is the biggest city of the Peruvian Amazon basin. This urban bubble, surrounded by jungle, grew as a result of the rubber boom at the beginning of the 20th century. The rubber is now gone but the jungle still continues to provide resources. Oil exploration and drilling, mining and logging cause harm to the environment and local communities. Many have migrated from the jungle to urban centres such as Iquitos.

Iquitos can only be reached by boat or aeroplane.

Conception and direction: Arnau Oriol & Jorge Martin
Camera: Arnau Oriol
Sound: Jorge Martin
Original Music: Matt Jelfs

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Museu del Desert
Since 15 years ago, an archaeological team is travelling to the free territories of the Western Sahara to search, identify and study the legacy of a disappeared civilisation.
In 2009, a group of UN soldiers in a peace mission in the Western Sahara destroyed some of this heritage by painting with blue acrylic paint on some ancient paintings and rock art sites.
In a vast territory, desolated and apparently dead, there is an accumulation of material remains left by the humanity in different periods from the history: rock art representing animals and cattle that once pastured the Sahara when was a fertile and rich land; remains of the colonial wars between France and Spain and between Morocco and the Polisario Front; and more recently, the graffiti of the UN soldiers.

Conception: Arnau Oriol & Joanot Cortès with the colaboration of Narcís Soler, Joaquin Soler, Carles Serra & Juan Ll. ALegret
Direction & Editing: Arnau Oriol & Joanot Cortès
DOP: Arnau Oriol
Sound on location: Joanot Cortès
Commissioned and produced by the University of Girona in colaboration with AECI

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Bon aire
This film looks at the fears and motivations of elderly people living in a geriatric centre.

Conception: Arnau Oriol & Javier de Juan
Directed, filmed & Edited: Arnau Oriol & Javier de Juan
Original music by Ruben Pascoa
Self produced, with the colaboration of the University of Vic.

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Short video about the remains left by human activity in the liberated territories of the Western Sahara.
In a desert, the objects become so evident to the observer that is difficult to ignore them.
This film is still in development.

Conception: Arnau Oriol & Joanot Cortès
Direction: Arnau Oriol & Joanot Cortès
DOP: Arnau Oriol
Sound on Location: Joanot Cortès